Sheltair Aviation is assisting Ocala International Airport Director Matthew Grow in supporting recovery missions with Aerobridge, a global network of general aviation pilots who fly relief missions to areas devastated by natural disasters, and are now focused on helping Florida recover from Hurricane Irma.

Grow stated that seven aircraft have been deployed by Aerobridge to make “round robin” shuttle flights between Lakeland, Jacksonville, and Ft. Meyers, delivering urgent supplies.  He explained, “Our roads remain highly congested but these aircraft can fly supplies in very quickly. Their efforts ensure that general aviation continues its historic role of getting what is desperately needed to where it is needed in the shortest possible time.”

Sheltair is working directly with Aerobridge and Ocala International Airport to ensure there is ground support that allows the shuttle flights to operate at maximum efficiency.

Sheltair’s Chief Operating Officer, Warren Kroeppel, observed, “These Aerobridge missions are demonstrating what general aviation is capable of following disasters that threaten our communities. We are providing every and all resources to support that function with special honors to our employees who are, themselves, recovering from Irma.”

Supplies being loaded in by the volunteers from Meadowbrook Church 1

Kroeppel noted, “We weren’t there during the Berlin Airlift when American and British air forces kept the people of Berlin alive during the Soviet blockade at the height of the Cold War but this Aerobridge effort allows us to walk in the shoes of the men and women who did that job.”

Mr. Grow reminded, “This type of volunteer `air force’ highlights the considerable and often overlooked benefit of thousands of General Aviation airports around the country. The relatively small aircraft flying these missions can carry between 500 and 1000 pounds of priority supplies, and can fly into these GA airports much easier and with more efficiency than the larger air carrier type aircraft that need considerable logistics support.”

 Both Grow and Kroeppel had high praise for Aerobridge president Marianne Stevenson who stated, “She has demonstrated true leadership under fire by managing a network of extraordinary pilots committed to using their aircraft for the common good.”

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