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Sheltair is a family-owned company that enjoys a national reputation for its superior customer focus and service-driven corporate culture. Founded in 1963 by Jerry Holland, father of current Sheltair President Lisa Holland, it is the nation’s largest privately-owned aviation network, proudly operating award-winning FBOs and managing over 4.5 million square feet of aviation-related properties.

In January of 2020, Jerry appointed his daughter, Lisa Holland, as President of Sheltair Aviation. Lisa brings a fresh perspective to the family business while sustaining her father’s vision. In an era of unprecedented challenges and extraordinary opportunities, growing the company, maintaining its values, and defining excellence across an expanding aviation market are all part of her emerging Sheltair legacy.

Our Vision: Soar above and beyond creating a new standard for aviation products and services.

Our Mission: Family First. Fuel, Build, Serve.


We are driven by exceeding customer expectations.

Our core values empower us to embrace each day with the same energy and enthusiasm as our customers. We are relied on for a joyful, safe, and efficient experience, which is exactly what we aim to provide. The values listed below are some of the reasons we are so committed to providing the best quality products and services in the aviation industry. 





Premium Quality

Premium quality

High Level of Service

High Level of Service 24 hours


Jerry Holland Sheltair CEO and Founder

A message from Jerry Holland

We at Sheltair are committed to excellence – a philosophy that can be seen in everything we do. Because of our heritage in the construction and aviation industry, we understand the importance of quality design, customer service, cost containment and on-time delivery.

These are the building blocks on which I founded Sheltair. Through the years, they have served as the guidelines that govern the way we do business. Ultimately, they’re also the reasons we’re recognized as a leader in the aviation facility construction, property management, and general aviation industries in Florida and across the Eastern United States. We are thankful to have such a wonderful team of more than 500 employees. Their talents and skills are the reason for our success with our customers. Their commitment to safety and excellence, combined with their training and years of experience, is what makes a difference.

Gerald M. Holland
Chairman, CEO and Founder
Sheltair Aviation

Our partners


Avfuel Corporation is a global supplier of aviation fuels, systems, and services. We connect aviation customers of all types – FBOs, airports, corporate flight departments, charter operators, helicopters, regional and major airlines, the military, and more – with comprehensive systems or a la carte solutions tailored to the specific activity at hand.



The Hertz Corporation is one of the largest worldwide rental companies, and the Hertz brand is one of the most recognized in the world. Product and service initiatives such as Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, Ultimate Choice, Carfirmations, Mobile Wi-Fi and unique vehicles offered through the Adrenaline, Dream, Green and Prestige Collections set Hertz apart from the competition.


Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our site is intended to be a meeting place for volunteers engaged in the valuable services of rescuing, sheltering and adopting animals, and volunteer pilots and plane owners willing to assist with animal transportation. The intent of Pilots N Paws is to provide an environment in which volunteers can come together and arrange or schedule rescue flights, overnight foster care or shelter, and all other related activities.


Turtles Fly Too

Turtles Fly Too’s mission is to coordinate and facilitate the inclusion of general aviation in large-scale “first responder” relocation efforts. We engage general aviation pilots who contribute their expertise, aircraft, fuel, and time while leaving a lasting mark on endangered species rescue efforts.


Blue Lightning Initiative

The Blue Lightning Initiative (BLI) is an element of the DHS Blue Campaign, led by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and DHS Component Agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The BLI trains aviation personnel to identify potential traffickers and human trafficking victims, and to report their suspicions to federal law enforcement. To date, more than 350,000 personnel in the aviation industry have been trained through the BLI, and actionable tips continue to be reported to law enforcement.


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