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When coming into the month of December, I try to open the minds of others to consider aiding nonprofit organizations that could use their gifts wisely, just as we buy for family, friends and colleagues. This month, we are SOARING with several fantastic nonprofits making waves in the aviation industry with their mission, impact, service over self and mindset of giving back to causes bigger than us! Let’s SOAR together and give these nonprofits a ‘boost’ to support ongoing STEM and aviation programming, as well, launch new! 

Santa Plans to Share the Sky, Your Chance to SOAR, Win Flights, and More!

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Our collaborative nonprofits are delivering this holiday season, will you?

December 1, 2023 – Blog Post #9:

It’s FLYING FRIDAY! And guess what? We are now 24 days until the big jolly man in a suit and beard comes bearing gifts! Ok, the child in me can still enjoy the magic of Christmas, no judging! There are at least 10 St. Nick’s around my house at Christmas – one who climbs a ladder, one even lounging on a beach – to show my love and enjoyment on this special holiday. While receiving gifts are great (I mean, who doesn’t??), my December is mostly dedicated to giving back. Which nonprofits need my help the most? What organization stands behind a published mission by showing they actively fulfill it? Who are the nonprofits getting their hands dirty, working as a team, and engaging with our young people to give them opportunities away from devices, off the couch, hands-on outreach and the chance to ‘discover’ and explore ‘FLIGHT? Who is really “SOARING?”

Well, look no further! I found them, plus each organization knows what it means to ‘help youth SOAR!’ And that’s not just flying or flight training. There’s so much more! STEM education, STEM curriculum packages, learning skill sets you cannot get in the classroom, engaging outreach that changes the way youth think about life, their future and endless opportunities for careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and aviation. Yes! Exciting!

Ready to SOAR? First up, we’ve collaborated with a great organization called STEM Flights. STEM Flights is a national nonprofit organization that connects middle and high school students with a volunteer Pilot Mentor in their community. Students receive aviation and STEM curriculum, a free flight experience, and follow up resources to explore aerospace career pathways. STEM Flights operates all over the country and students from any state can apply online. Volunteer Pilot Mentors donate time and expenses to inspire the next generation of aerospace and aviation enthusiasts. “When you can get a student up above their town, their school, their problems…they can often see that the world is bigger and they truly can do anything. We want to create more pilots and aerospace professionals, but if we can inspire a student to dream big and more, we consider that a win. We are changing lives, one flight at a time.” said Carley Walker, Director of Development for STEM Flights. STEM Flights has operations in all 50 states and flights happen all year at local community airports. 

“Can I get involved in STEM Flights?” Why yes you can! 1) If you are a pilot and would like to donate time in your community or you know a middle or high school student that would love a flight experience, apply online at 2) STEM Flights is a nonprofit organization and relies on private support to continue their mission and STEM/aviation programming. Visit their website provided, and make a gift of any size to show your support!

*** Read the rest of this blog to find out how you or someone you know could win a ‘From Sacrifice to Soaring’ flight in collaboration with STEM Flights! 

STEM Flights
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Are you ready to create a future of boundless horizons? As founder of Black Women in Aviation (BWIA), I recognized the crucial role that confidence plays in pursuing a career in aviation and staying committed to it. In a field like aviation, where there is a lack of representation for certain demographics, including black women, it can be even more challenging to build and maintain confidence. We strive to inspire through visibility and representation to soar beyond the current 1% mark while cultivating a nurturing community that enables black women to flourish, excel, and shatter barriers within the aviation realm,” shared Samantha T. Mitchell, founder of Black Women in Aviation. “I didn’t see it because it was my assignment to be it.”

At BWIA, their vision transcends the present reality, painting a vibrant portrait of a future where black women are prominently represented in every facet of the aviation industry, including aircraft maintenance technicians, pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, and various positions as aviation executives.  Through strong programs and initiatives, BWIA aims to instill confidence in aspiring black women aviators, ensuring they have the self-assurance to pursue their dreams in the industry. They provide mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities that help build confidence, while also addressing any barriers or biases that may exist.

“Can I help transcend BWIA to go further?” Of course! 1) Get on BWIA’s mailing list for future membership! 2) SHOP HERE on their online store to support the cause and 3) BWIA also appreciates charitable donations to advance programming and outreach. Consider trading a ‘Starbucks’ for a gift to BWIA, or become a partner: Support BWIA

BWIA Samantha
Black Women in Aviation Outreach

Do you have a BIG HART? Hart? Not Heart? Yes, that’s correct! Different spelling, same meaning! If you want to engage with a high-energy nonprofit that does not limit their outreach just to the skies, check out I Hart Flying Foundation (IHFF). Since 2017, the organization has awarded more than $200,000 in flight training scholarships to 35 female pilots and delivered youth STEM outreach events across the U.S. Each scholarship opportunity is creatively themed and launched with partners across the aviation and aerospace industry, specifically those looking for qualified talent! Uniquely organized outreach events are hosted at partner locations in communities where access to aircraft and STEM activities are made available to young people. “When I founded I Hart Flying in 2017, I had no idea our wings would span to youth outreach, given our mission was focused on flight training scholarships for women of all ages – a unique way to bridge the gender gap in aviation. However, we soon realized we needed to evolve to also serve industry partners needing our expertise in delivering hands-on outreach to all young people. We adapted and our audience to serve has grown,” expressed Rachelle Spector, founder, pilot and president for I Hart Flying Foundation.

“Can I grow my Hart to serve?” Absolutely. Your heart can definitely give I Hart Flying liftoff for their next themed scholarship opportunity coming in 2024, paired with STEM outreach for all youth! How? 1) Offer your time and services as an industry advisor to the organization. 2) As your “Hart” would desire to give, make a tax deductible donation or become a partner to I Hart Flying: Have Hart, Give a Gift and 3) Plan to host an I Hart Flying outreach event! For more details and inquiries, email:

Are you ready to SOAR? Hopefully, at this point, you’ve felt the desire, encouragement and got into the Spirit of Giving this holiday season by supporting 1, 2 or all 3 of these great causes helping to change our world! As these three organizations SOAR daily, why don’t you give it a spin? For a chance to win one of several flights by STEM Flights – in collaboration with From Sacrifice to Soaring and Sheltair – all in honor of these fantastic organizations and the holiday season of giving, fill out this form by December 31 at 11:59pm ET! Don’t wait, because regardless of your entry, we are going flying! 

Fill out this GoogleForm for a chance to win: Chance to WIN! Special Flight Experiences by STEM Flights, From Sacrifice to Soaring, Sheltair




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